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Dr. Jim Parry is a highly respected plastic surgeon in Cleveland renowned for his expertise, personalized care, and commitment to achieving exceptional results for his patients. What sets him apart from the rest? 

Patient-Focused Approach 

With Dr. Parry, patients come first. Believing in a patient-centered philosophy, he takes the time to understand your unique goals, concerns, and desires, tailoring treatments to meet your specific needs. Your individuality is respected and honored throughout your journey.

Experience and Expertise 

Dr. Parry is a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon with highly specialized expertise in performing surgeries on the neck and face. His knowledge of cosmetic surgery in Columbus and non-surgical treatments ensures that each procedure satisfies clients.

Commitment to Creating Natural-Looking Results 

Dr. Parry always strives to give his patients a natural appearance once the procedure is done. It is part of his commitment to provide his patients with quality results to elevate theri daily experience.

Comprehensive Services 

Dr. Parry offers a comprehensive range of services, from facial rejuvenation and body contouring to minimally invasive procedures like Botox in OH and dermal fillers. This wide array of options allows you to explore different avenues and choose those that align with your aspirations.

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Your path to enhanced confidence and rejuvenation starts with a simple action: requesting an appointment. Complete our contact form to get in touch with us and book a consultation with Dr. Parry in our Cleveland or Columbus office. Whether you’re considering surgical enhancements or non-invasive treatments, trust Dr. Parry’s expertise to guide you in taking the first step. Request an appointment today!


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