Earlobe Repair Cleveland

Earlobe RepairEarlobe repair surgery is performed to remove unwanted ear-piercing tracks or to repair tears in the earlobes from wearing earrings or gauges. In addition, as we age the earlobes become elongated and droopy leading to an unnatural look. Earlobes can be surgically reduced in size and shape to allow for a more youthful and refined look. Earlobe reductions are often combined with face lift procedures to allow for a more balanced and symmetrical look. 

Ear Lobe Repair Goals

  • Fix stretched holes in earlobe from piercing  
  • Repair split earlobes 
  • Reduce size of elongated earlobes
  • Eliminate gauge holes


How much downtime can I expect? 

Most patients can return to work on the same day as the surgery.

Will insurance cover earlobe repair?

No, it is considered a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by insurance.

Have more questions?

During your consultation, Dr. Parry will to discuss a Cleveland earlobe repair in greater detail.  Contact us today to arrange your Cleveland facial plastic surgery consultation.

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