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Revision FaceliftA rhytidectomy is the medical term used to describe a facelift. A facelift helps to correct loose and sagging facial soft tissue because of natural aging of the neck, lower face (cheeks) and depending on surgical technique may address the mid face as well.

Secondary to his surgical expertise and highly specialized training as a double board, fellowship trained facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Parry is called upon to correct other surgeon’s errors from a previous facelift. These cases can be extremely challenging if the correcting surgeon is not highly trained in the field of facial plastic surgery. Dr. Parry possess the necessary surgical skills and training to achieve a natural and youthful appearance in these patients.

Oftentimes a facelift patient will choose to have a second facelift many years later to maintain their desired appearance. A second facelift can be more challenging due to the changes in the anatomy of the face caused by the first facelift. As a double boarded surgeon, Dr. Parry has the surgical knowledge and experience to perform these procedures.

Who Are Candidates for a Revision Facelift?

A revision facelift is suitable for patients who want to rectify an issue from a previous surgery or treatment. A previous facelift, poor or excessive filler implantation or fat grafting, and facial injuries are all examples. Because the concerns being repaired are more intricate, a revision facelift may take slightly longer than a conventional facelift.

Any patient who had their original surgical operation at least 10 to 12 months ago is an excellent candidate for a revision facelift (less time is needed for patients who underwent non-surgical treatments). Revision facelift operations are highly customized and may entail additional treatments to provide the best potential outcome.

What Happens During a Revision Facelift?

The exact techniques used during a revision facelift vary from case to case. The procedures employed will be determined by your face’s form, the condition of your tissues, and the surgeon’s inclination.

The surgical plan for your revision facelift will be determined by the corrections you want to achieve. It is important to be aware that your skin has aged and will be less elastic than it was previously. This can mean that the surgical plan for the revision surgery may be different from what was used for the original operation.

What Is the Recovery Process like After a Revision Facelift?

After the revision facelift procedure, you can expect a recuperation period similar to that of your previous facelift. Most patients have a two-week recovery period. Following Dr. Parry’s recommendations will be critical during this period. These guidelines are intended to assist you in healing more effectively for the best possible results.

Swelling, stiffness, and soreness are to be expected for many days after undergoing revision facelift. Swelling may take a little longer to fade due to the scar tissue.

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