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Mid-Face Lift Cleveland and Columbus

Mid-Face LiftThe mid facelift addresses the middle region of the face which encompasses the area just below the eye (inferior orbital rim) to the jaw bone. It is used to reposition and tighten the fat pads of the cheek to reduce the nasolabial folds and for refinement of the cheekbones. Unlike the deep plane facelift, which addresses both the mid face and the neck, the mid face lift only addresses the face.


  • Short operative time since only face is being addressed
  • Less post-operative down time
  • Reduced cost


  • The mid facelift will not address jowls or loose skin of the neck

Ideal Candidate

Patients with a drooping face and sagging cheeks with no signs of aging in the neck region are ideal candidates for mid-facelift surgery. People who want to get rid of unwanted fat under their cheeks, visible nasolabial folds, or hollowing under their eyes are excellent candidates.

To be considered for mid-face lift surgery, you must be in good health without any chronic medical conditions that could impede your recovery.

Your Mid-Face Lift Consultation

The first step in the mid-face lift procedure is a consultation with Dr. Parry. During this appointment, he will review your medical history, discuss your alternatives, and answer any questions you may have. You should discuss your surgical expectations with Dr. Parry during this pre-operative visit.

You will be advised to stop smoking several weeks before your mid-face lift procedure. You should also discontinue or modify certain medications if they raise the risk of surgical problems such as bleeding.

The Mid-Face Lift Procedure

The mid-face lift can be performed as an outpatient treatment under general anesthesia. The exact approach will be determined by your anatomy and surgical goals. Dr. Parry may execute a mid-face lift with small well-concealed incisions. A mid-facelift involves making small incisions around the hairline and ear.

During the mid-face lift procedure, Dr. Parry will trim fat and muscle and reposition skin through the small incisions. During the procedure, cheekbones and other facial features are lifted for a more youthful look.

Mid-Face Lift Recovery

Most daily activities can be resumed within one week of surgery, though intense activities should be avoided for several weeks. The length of your recovery will be decided by your treatment plan. You can expect temporary mild bruising, soreness, and swelling in the days following your surgery.

Have questions?

During your consultation Dr. Parry will be able to discuss a Cleveland mid facelift in greater detail. Contact us today to arrange for your Cleveland facial plastic surgery consultation.

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