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Lip Augmentation Cleveland and Columbus

lips with red lipstickLip augmentation is a procedure that focuses on enhancing the shape, size, and overall appearance of the lips. At The J. Parry Clinic, we offer beautiful lip augmentation results for patients in Cleveland.

What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are injectable cosmetic products that are injected into the skin to help add volume and provide other aesthetic benefits. When used for lip augmentation, dermal fillers are injected into the lips or around the lips. This can help to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the lips and add volume to thin lips to give them a fuller and more attractive appearance.

The Benefits of Lip Augmentation Using Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are an amazing non-surgical option for lip augmentation that can provide natural-looking results. With non-surgical lip augmentation, there is no recovery period and little-to-no discomfort following the treatment. Non-surgical lip augmentation is a great choice for patients who want more subtle enhancements. Dermal fillers are not permanent so if you are no longer happy with your results, they will fade over time.

I am so happy with the results I received from Dr. Parry. I was reluctant to do anything to my face but after consulting with Dr. Parry I felt very comfortable in my decision. He is a wonderful surgeon and such a nice person. My results are so natural!!

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Preparing for Your Lip Augmentation

It is important that your lip filler treatment is performed by a qualified medical professional. Getting treatments from non-qualified sources can be risky.

Dr. Parry will examine the lips and ask what your desired results are. Most patients prefer a fuller lip. Some may want more symmetry between the two lips. A personalized treatment plan is created based on the specific needs of each patient.

What to Expect During Your Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation using dermal fillers is an outpatient procedure that takes around half an hour to complete. The dermal filler used usually contains a local anesthetic like lidocaine. This ensures there is no pain during the treatment but the treatment itself is generally not painful. Dr. Parry will use a fine needle to inject the filler into the lips. Once it is injected, Dr. Parry may massage the area to ensure proper distribution of the filler.

Once the injections are finished patients should be able to resume most normal activates. There is hardly any downtime. 24 hours rest may be advised to allow any mild swelling or redness to subside. One of the biggest benefits of using dermal fillers is that the results are almost instantaneous. Once any swelling subsides, you will notice an immediate improvement in the appearance of your lips. Results typically provide fuller and plumper lips. It is also possible to treat lip lines that occur due to aging. The results achieved through the use of a dermal filler typically last for around four months to a year. The treatment can be repeated to maintain your results.

Your Lip Augmentation will be performed by Dr. Jim Parry at his clinic in Mayfield Heights, OH located just outside of Cleveland.

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  • American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery Certified

Schedule a Consultation

Contact The J. Parry Clinic today to schedule a consultation for your lip augmentation. Dr. Parry can answer any questions you may have about lip augmentation and go over the expected cost of your treatment. Dr. Parry strives to provide our patients with natural-looking results from their lip augmentation in Cleveland and Columbus.