When it comes to rejuvenating an aging face, the most popular procedure is a facelift. Over the years, the facelift surgery has evolved and many different techniques used to perform it arised. This evolution gave birth to a new technique called the “Deep-Plane Facelift.”

A Deep Plane Facelift is designed to tighten the fibrous and muscular layer under the skin. It is performed to address deep facial structures and helps to provide a more natural appearance after the surgery. This also helps to increase the length of time you’ll see results.

The Problem With Aging

When we age, the facial muscles that retain our structure begin to weaken, which gives way to a sagging appearance. The cheeks are the first area to experience the initial signs of aging and begin sagging earlier than other areas of your face. These issues, however, can be fixed with a simple facelift or fat transfer.

In the case of a Deep Plane Facelift, the surgeon will repair and strengthen the underlying facial structures to help provide more support while correcting the early signs of aging.

The Deep Plane Facelift is seen as a more “aggressive” form of facelift surgery in comparison to a SMAS lift or a standard skin-lift. The results, however, are far superior because the SMAS muscle is lifted and positioned securely. After the necessary corrections are made, the treatment area can be closed back into place just as it is with the other facelift techniques.

A Deep Plane Lift generally takes longer to perform when compared to the other procedures, but the results are superior and well worth the time spent.

Why You Should Opt For The Deep Plane Lift

The Deep Plane Facelift gives surgeons the ability to provide patients with the best results possible. It does an excellent job of eliminating the early signs of aging while strengthening the underlying facial structures. This results in an outstanding look that will last for a longer period of time.

This technique can even help correct issues in the mid region of the face while other facelift techniques don’t provide changes as extensive as this one does.It is more effective in restoring nasolabial folds and directly reposition the cheek fat pads and the shape of the cheekbones. This results in a more natural look and a smoother neckline than that provided by other facial procedures.

The deep plane facelift provides longer-lasting results. Over the course of time, the aging process will catch back up to you, but with this technique, you can experience the enormous benefits even longer. There is also the advantage of less downtime compared to other facelift techniques. Patients can typically return to their daily routine in two to three weeks after the surgery.

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