PRP hair restoration therapy is the newest beacon of hope for those who suffer from chronic hair loss problems. In recent years Vampire Facials took the market by storm. As eerie as the name might sound, it is simply a skin treatment that uses the patient’s own blood to give him or her more youthful, tight, and vibrant skin.

The PRP hair restoration system is a simple procedure that uses the patient’s own blood to facilitate hair growth. The PRP in the name stands for platelet rich plasma.

Platelet rich plasma is plasma that is generated after the blood goes through some processing to remove the white blood corpuscles and the red blood corpuscles from it. Then this fluid enriched with a concentrated form of plasma is injected into the scalp to promote hair growth. Many patients have benefitted from this therapy worldwide, but you need to be considered a good candidate to be eligible for the treatment.

PRP hair restoration is not advised for people who are completely bald and recommended for those who have low-density hair. It is not a suitable therapy if you are on certain medications or even if you are a regular and heavy smoker or drinker.

Those who use regular blood thinners to combat some medical problems or other issues are also not advised to go for it. Also if you are suffering from medical conditions like cancer, liver diseases, or blood disorders such as platelet dysfunction symptoms and some others, you would be advised not to go for PRP therapy to promote hair growth.

PRP Therapy for Hair Restoration has many devotees as it is reputed to promote hair growth, give you thick and glossy hair, and enhance the hair growth cycle. It is a precise and meticulous process where the plasma rich blood is injected into approximately every half an inch apart across the thinning hair on the scalp.

For such an intense and precise treatment, the time that this therapy requires is really short. It takes half an hour at most is required for this process. However, the entire therapy takes three steps to complete, with every step placed four to six weeks apart.

In the first step, the blood is collected and processed by putting in a machine which spins rapidly in order to separate the fluids of different densities in the blood. In the next step, the blood separates into three layers, poor platelet plasma, red blood cells, and the one needed for the therapy, platelet-rich plasma.

After the platelet-rich plasma is obtained in the third and the last stage, it is injected into the scalp to promote hair growth.

This procedure is extremely safe and many people swear by it. There is hardly any numbing as the injections to the scalp do not hurt at all, only causing the most minimal of discomfort in the process. Some minor bruising can take place after the injections, but these are temporary and should subside within a week.

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